5 Minute Fat Burning Workouts at Home

If you think that you need to spend very high money for losing weight, then you are very much wrong. Now, a person can get rid of his/her belly fat without spending large amounts of money. He/she does not need to, but inexpensive exercise machines do not need to hire an experienced trainer, do not need to undergo costly health programs. But, he only needs to perform some exercises regularly. Just by sitting at home and taking care of food and exercises, one can lose about 200 pounds of weight in a week.

Fat Burning Workouts

Don’t worry if you face problems while going to the gym. Check out some popular 5 Minute fat burning workouts that can be performed at anywhere at home or at office:

1. Leg Exercise

This is the best exercise for burning fat from thighs and other lower body parts. For this simple exercise, one needs to lie down on the mat with legs and knees pretty close to each other. Start by stretching legs in opposite directions. After stretching, keep legs in the upward direction without increasing the distance between them. Perform this activity for half a minute. After 30 seconds, he/she feel a burning feeling in legs and tummy. So, he/she would burn adequate calories from lower body parts. Along with legs, this exercise works abdominal and ankle muscles.

2. Jump Exercise

You must be aware of the benefits of jumping activities. And when jumping is combined with squats, the process provides, even more, benefits. Stand straight and keep your feet near shoulders. Perform squats by stretching your body up and down. Then, perform jump while not forgetting squats activities. Try to make the jump from maximum height. You need to make minimum five jumps. This exercise increases the heart rate and so help in improving respiratory system. Particularly, this exercise works thighs, knees, and shoulders.

3. Skipping Exercise

Simply, jumping on a rope is another fat-burning exercise. Any person men or women can easily perform this exercise. Purchase a decent rope and start jumping for 30 seconds. One does not put an extra effort for doing this exercise. A particular benefit is that you would never feel bore from the skipping exercise. If you want best results, you need to perform jumps with both legs. This exercise is ideal for a person who wants to burn fat from stomach and thighs. Professionals suggest doing skipping with an empty stomach. Before skipping on a rope:

  • You must drink three glasses of water.
  • You need to wear decent clothes.

4. Shoulder Exercise

Using shoulders, an inverted press is performed by trainers. I guess most of the people must be hearing of this unique exercise for the very first time. This exercise is useful for toning triceps, deltoids, shoulders, arms, and feet. For this exercise, you need to make a push-up position of your body. Then, move your hips and feet near hands. Next, keep them upward and align in such a way that a “V” is formed. Bend downward and lie on the floor. Wait for 30 seconds and acquire the starting position. Repeat this activity as many times as you can in 5 minutes. If you want better results in the shorter period, you need to perform this exercise with high speed.


Exercises performed at home also help in burning a large amount of body fat. Leg exercise is used for removing fat from thighs and abdominal muscles. Jump squat exercises to tone the core, knees, and shoulders. Before performing skipping, you should drink 3 glasses of water and wear decent clothes. Shoulder inverted press, a unique exercise, works deltoids, arms, triceps, and feet. According to the preference, select exercises and burn the body fat.

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