About Me

Hey, guys. The name is Michele, and I’m here to tell you not to let your career come in the way of your health and fitness. While you don’t have to be a fanatic like me, it is important that your make time for rigorous exercise at least 3-4 times a week. More and more studies are indicating the health benefits of consistent exercise towards reducing stress, increasing metabolism, changing habits by changing the brain and increasing overall wellbeing. A recent study, out of Sax’s Institute in Australia has found that the combination of physical inactivity, too much sleeping and long hours of sitting are as strongly linked to a short life span and ill health as too much drinking and smoking. The evidence from a large group of studies increasingly suggests that is an exercise is imperative, especially given if your job is sedentary.

I like to say that I’m a Car Salesman by day and a ninja by night. I work pretty long hours for 5, sometimes six days of the week. But I make it a point to train at least 4, if not five days of the week. For the last two years, I have been completely obsessed with the TV show ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and in many ways, the show has inspired me to engage in a more physically active lifestyle. The show features a series of obstacle courses that participants must navigate to qualify for the grand daddy course called ‘Mount Midoriyama’. The individual that successfully completes this final course is awarded the grand prize of $500,000. While the prize money is a big motivator, what inspires the most are the participants who for the most part are everyday people with jobs who put in the time and effort to change their lives for the better.

I’m here to tell you guys that you too can create changes and lead a more active and healthy life style, while doing your day job, or raising a family, or running a business or even being a single mom or dad for that matter. All it requires a commitment and a practical plan. On my blog you will find, workout tips and plans, exercise tips, products reviews for exercise at home and whole lot more stuff to get you started and keep you on track towards achieving your fitness and health goals. You can contact me for any questions, by filling out the contact form.

Get active and stay healthy,