In ground trampoline Vs Above Ground Trampoline

You must hear the name of trampoline if not then you are missing a fun way of exercising. Trampoline is a device which is widely used for jumping purpose. It is quite popular among the kids as well as the adult. It made from a steel frame and a sheet of thick cloth. It often uses coiled springs to connect to its frame. It is extremely famous for jumping, exercise or sport. It provides numerous benefits and an excellent way to stay fit.

Trampoline helps to grow your muscle’s strength and makes you feel healthy. It also has been proved that trampoline exercise increases your metabolic rate. It is becoming the latest sports for kids or adult also, you can do it alone or with anyone, but it is also necessary to read the safety instructions before performing any activities on a trampoline.

We always prefer a fun way to stay fit, and a trampoline possesses this quality. Not only kids relish jumping on the trampoline, but fitness freaks are also enjoying its benefit to staying healthy. Trampolines are conveniently designed for your garden and yard.

There are two types of trampoline in-ground trampoline, and above ground trampoline is readily available in the market. So, let us see the difference in both the trampolines.

In-ground trampolines

In-ground trampolines

In-ground, trampolines are installed below grounds and require more maintenance. You need time and money to build it. You will get a place to install your trampoline after digging 3-4 feet, and you need to have the height of the trampoline equal to the depth of the pit. Do not forget about proper drainage because water can induce rust and other issues. The installation part is simple. You can install it yourself by the following instruction in the do-it-yourself guide to installing a trampoline will suffice.

Types of in-ground trampoline

Two types of in-ground trampolines are available- Raised in-ground trampoline and flush to ground in- ground trampoline.

Raised in-ground trampolines are easier to install, and they need less deep dig. If you are planning to fix the trampoline yourself, then raised in-ground trampoline is a good choice for you. Raised trampoline is sunk into the ground, but should not less than 30 centimetres above the ground.

Flush to ground, in-ground trampolines are complicated to install, and you need to hire a professional to install this. Flush to ground trampoline is sunk into the ground.

Advantages of in-ground trampoline

  • Safe for children – In-ground trampolines are safe for children. Due to less interval between the mat and ground, one has lesser chance to fall and get injured. Children can climb the trampoline without any support and parents need not worry to supervise their children while they play on the trampoline.
  • Adjustable Size and shape – Always choose the largest size of trampoline that will fit into your garden, but the size of your garden area matters along with your preferences. Circular trampolines are readily available and most used ones. It is a common notion that the circular shape mat gives you a high bounce and it is best for safety purpose. Rectangular trampolines are also another option but this is less used, and it lacks the bounce.

Disadvantages of in-ground trampolines

  • Bit pricey -In-ground trampolines are a bit pricey because you need to dig the required hole or adding landscape around it. Sometimes you need to hire a professional in the process.
  • Need more maintenance – In-ground trampolines exact a bit of maintenance. Due to bad drainage rust can be formed and it needs to maintain. You also need to maintain the correct airflow because the lack of airflow can cause bounce and elasticity problems in trampoline.

Above ground trampoline


Above ground trampolines are moveable and easy to maintain. They are perfect for small lawn and garden. Its movable structure allows you to move your trampoline wherever you want according to weather and mood. These trampolines are ideal for gymnastics and sports.

Advantages of Above ground trampoline

  • Less expensive – You need no extra expenditure for its installation. Just set up the trampoline in required area and you are done.
  • Movable – Above ground trampolines are easy to move. You can move it from your lawn to your room, according to the weather and your requirement.
  • Easy to maintain – Above ground trampolines are easy to maintain. Once you have set it up, nothing extra or overboard is required.

Disadvantages of Above ground in-ground trampolines

  • Safety issue – Above ground trampolines are less safer due to the height. Particularly for kids, you need to take care that your child does not get injured while climbing and jumping.
  • Tricky to get in – It is not easy to get into the Above ground trampolines. Either you need to take the help of the ladder or someone else’s support otherwise there is a chance of falling. So, you must be extra vigilant while using it.


Trampolines have numerous health benefits. You can achieve better health if you daily use trampolines for exercising or jumping. Trampolines are suitable for those who prefer fun while doing exercise. However, before buying any of the trampolines either Above-ground and In-ground, always opt according to your preference and requirement. Both have their benefits, and you just need to go with the best.

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