Losing Weight Effectively With a Rowing machine

A rowing machine is an excellent machine for effective workouts and losing weight.  It is a safe machine that puts very little stress on the body.  This machine is capable of burning more number of calories as compared to other types of fitness equipment. It works with all the body muscles resulting in perfect physical shape. Thus, It is a wonderful machine for losing weight efficiently. There are various tips and strategies for losing weight effectively with this rowing machine.

Rowing machine

Speeding Up Weight Loss

There are various life changes like extremely restricted diets or a tiring workout plan that are often difficult for any person to start. But if he has made these changes easily, he can start losing his weight in a great pace. Normally the weight lost by this technique does not look as fast, but it is much faster than the weight lost over the long run. By eating less and working more on the rowing, we easily lose more weight in a short period.

Proper Technique

For enjoying all benefits of using a rower, it is always important to employ proper technique. Instead of just sitting and relaxing, start with a powerful leg drive while pushing the seat back. Then move back little away from the hips at the end of the leg drive. After that reverse the motion, i.e., expand your arms, move forward from the hips and swing the knees for the next stroke. This complete technique uses all the different muscles of the body and thus helps in losing the weight.


It is a common thing that if you want to lose weight, you have to exercise for larger periods of time like 60 to 90 minutes a day. By exercising more, you can burn more calories. The more the calories you burn faster is the weight lost. But you should not try to do too much exercising that can cause insomnia, fatigue and muscle soreness. Take a rest for a full day and then start exercising again. Calculate your maximum heart rate and then start working out again according to it. Based on the frequency level exercises like gentler cardio is the better choice.

Track Your Calorie Burn

It is a common thing that the heavier you are, the more calories you burn.  As somebody who is weighing 150 pounds can burn 560 calories per hour of powerful stationary rowing. Thus, persons with overweight can burn more calories using the rowing. A light person can still work out harder so as to increase his calorie burn. The best thing that this tracking of calorie burn provides a man is the aim through which a man can keep on increasing the number of calories and so lose the weight faster. The rowing machine has a special performance meter that track data such as speed, pace and most importantly the calories burned

Effective Diet

After burning necessary calories from the body, there is a vital need a proper diet. It is always recommended not to make any change in the regular diet food while carrying out exercises. But it does not mean you should not eat anything. If you do not take nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the body, you can reduce the metabolism rate of the body. This can make weight loss, even more difficult. Thus, a proper diet plan of fruits and vegetables along with proteins and grains is evident so as to lose weight effectively with the rowing machine.


A rowing machine is a wonderful machine for losing the great amount of weight in a short period. The enormous advantages provided by the machine are just awesome. Due to this reason, the rowing machine is better than treadmills and elliptical trainers for losing the weight in a very effective way. To lose weight effectively with a rowing machine, a person need to follow some important guidelines. “Eat less and do more” stands matches best in this case.

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